All-Stars of Food and Art

Supper Fest, the most awaited event of the season, 7-9 November 2017

Together with the City of Helsinki and the ELO Foundation, Supper Fest is organising a three-day culinary event on the Fiskars Campus in Helsinki. Come November, the event calendar will include the Finnish qualifier round for the Bocuse d´Or competition, the Sup-per Fest dinner festival and the Signature seminar.

Bocuse d´Or Finnish qualifier round, 7 November 2017

The day-long event is free and open to everyone. At the competition you have the opportunity to see how chefs create their dishes under tight time constraints and compete against each other for the judges’ favour in a world of the senses.

There are 250 free tickets for the event and they can be picked up as of the beginning of October from Iittala Store Esplanadi and Iittala & Arabia Design Centre Store in Helsinki.

Signature seminar / Signs of nature, 8 November 2017

The seminar gives a platform to experts in the culinary arts, and arts in general. The list of invited participants includes such people as Mette Helbæk from Stedsans in the Woods, sociologist Antti Maunu and art gallerist Veikko Halmetoja. In their speeches the experts will discuss their views on the day’s theme, nature, and the significance of food and what the future might hold in terms of food and design trends.

Supper Fest suppers on 8 November and 9 November

Supper Fest evenings are experiences where top chefs are joined by artists to create unique Supper Fest meals. Food and art merge to create culinary artworks that entice all the senses. Last year we focused on the best chefs of the Nordic countries and this year we turn our attention to Finnish chefs to honour Finland’s centennial year. Three masters of taste will co-operate with artists from Arabia’s art department and you get to experience the results.

The world of Finnish tastes is international

Erik Mansikka, Chef of the Year 2013, is a chef from Turku. He is an ambitious man and passionate about his work. Erik is a wizard of especially cold cuisine and he is the restaurateur behind the restaurants Kaskis and Kakolanruusu in Turku. His dish “the fish circle” became an instant classic right after its inception. Erik’s open approach to cuisine is also evident in the fact that he is also the official gig chef of the band Teflon Brothers.

Toni Kostian, Chef of the Year 2016, is a chef from Helsinki. His dream of having his own restaurant came true when Restaurant Grön opened in the autumn of 2015. In 2017, the Society of Finnish Gastronomers chose Grön as the Restaurant of the Year and Grön was voted the Best Restaurant in Finland in a poll by the Optio magazine. “Sometimes the menu can change every two weeks. Some of the ingredients peak very quickly and I only want to serve the best of the given season.” He has a simmering competitive mind and one of his future goals is to be the best at what he does and simply to make the best food there is.

Finland’s gift to the world, Matti Jämsén achieved the highest Bocuse d’Or ranking of any Finn when he was named the world’s fourth greatest chef in 2015. Jämsén creates dishes that not only titillate the taste buds but also please the eye as spectacular pieces of art.

Supper Fest to co-operate with Arabia's art department

Artists from Arabia’s famed art department are versatile specialists of art and design. The depart-ment’s long history as one of the birthplaces of Finnish design has created a unique atmosphere for the place. In an artist’s work, the most important aspect is the raw material, the clay, and its many diverse features. At Supper Fest the ceramics form an integral part of the experience both on the table and in the wider space.


Supper Fest




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